Artist, Community Builder And Educator 

Multi award-winning Poet Laureate Ahmed Ali, better known as Knowmadic, is a community organizer, public speaker, actor, musician and youth worker. He has dedicated his time empowering diverse communities around the world. Ahmed is co-founder of Edmonton’s only spoken word collective: Breath In Poetry.

Knowmadic on the Public Radio in Minnesota

Music & Poetry Albums

Knowmadic has published several music and poetry albums that can be found on Spotify, ItunesGoogle Play and other music streaming platforms. 

Knowmadic was born November 28, 1984, in Mogadishu, to a nomadic father and a mother whose family were farmers. Knowmadic is a portmanteau of knowledge and nomadic.

Somali Flow

"We were lucky enough to sit down with Ahmed in his home city to chat about his passion for art and education, as well as the inclusive creative community he’s found in Edmonton. He had a lot to say, and we savored every word. " - KACIE MCGEARY 

Need Meaningful Entertainment?

Whether it is fundraisers, workshops, mentorship or Live performance, book Knowmadic for the occasion.