Poet Laureate Ahmed Knowmadic Ali is a community organizer, public speaker, youth worker, poet and musician who has dedicated his time enabling and empowering diverse communities across the globe. Knowmadic is co-founder and was the artistic director of Edmonton’s only spoken word collective: Breath In Poetry. Knowmadic is passionate about the arts, education and emphasizes the importance of equitable representation on all levels of government.


With over 15 years of experience in public speaking and stage performance, Knowmadic will provide a sense of confidence and contribute to the success of any event. His experiences as a refugee, in addition to his background in community building and the arts, Knowmadic has built a refreshingly  unique and positive approach to whatever he does. From master of ceremonies for a weddings to mentoring newcomers youth, Knowmadic is the perfect fit.


Artist Knowmadic and Mayor Don Iveson at the 2015 Northlands Emergin Artist Award
Northland’s Emerging Artist Award

Awards & Honors

Knowmadic's art and numerous contributions have earned him many accolades including but not limited to Northland's Emergin Artist Award, Cultural Diversity in the Arts Award & more.  View Awards.

Group photo of Knowmadic and the Speakers of #Yeg Change For Climate 2018
Climate For Change Edmonton


Knowmadic has traveled internationally to showcase his art and to provide consultation for arts organizations on community building and inclusive practices.